Why You Need Strategic Focus

With over 20 years of experience in strategic planning and business leadership, I have read a ton of material on strategic planning. In general, this material falls into two categories: 1) process....


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Strategic Direction: Step 3 of your epic strategy

A great strategy is a great story. Based on the story of the hero’s journey, in my first article, 3 Essential Elements to Epic Strategy, I introduced how to transform a good business plan into a....


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Calling All Entrepreneurs!

Ready to take the next step?


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It takes just one question to focus your life

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It all started, years ago in the south of France. I was sharing a house with four friends for a week after another friend's wedding festivities had concluded.....


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CECILIA LYNCH, Author, Founder and Chief Strategist


As the leading authority on strategic thinking, Cecilia Lynch is the founder and chief strategist at Focused Momentum® and creator of Strategy Class®. Her first book, “Strategic Focus: The Art of Strategic Thinking” a groundbreaking work that demystifies the overwhelming task of beginning strategy development.  READ MORE...

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