Unleash Your Creativity

Unleash Your Team’s Creativity on Your Long-term Goals.

In my earlier article: 3 Strategies for Business Growth - Use Your Business Plan, I make my case to renew your relationship with your....


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Is Strategic Planning Irrelevant Today?

Once upon a time companies were built based on a long-term vision. Constructing a strategic plan to achieve a 15, 20 or 30-year vision was the norm. These long-range plans supplied the framework....


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4 Ways to Foster Strategic Thinking Skills

Strategic thinking combines observation, creativity, and pragmatism to focuses on ‘where your organization should be headed and why.' It is the foundation of sustained growth and balances the....


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Has your vision come up lame?

A VISION should set your course and define what you want to see when you arrive at your future destination. It should be deeply inspiring, compelling and motivating. If you have written a business....

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Improve Your Strategic Planning Process

The Importance of Strategic Thinking in Planning


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3 Strategies for Business Growth - Use Your Business Plan

A business plan is typically the starting line for a business venture.  Once the business is up and running and the business model is working well, it often gets filed away, permanently. ....


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The Big Squeeze - Competitive Market Pressures from all sides

The Strategic Dilemma:

An industry leader contacted us to bring a fresh approach to their strategy planning process. In recent years, their long run as the industry leader was under attack from....


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F*EM! Make a great new year - no matter what.

I can’t wait for this year to end.


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Do We Need The ‘Barbarian Leader’?

A controversial label for a leadership change, to be sure, but allow me to explain.


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Can Baseball Show Us the Way?

I am not a sports nut.  In fact, I am only a true fan of two sports: Baseball and Pro Cycling.


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CECILIA LYNCH, Author, Founder and Chief Strategist


As the leading authority on strategic thinking, Cecilia Lynch is the founder and chief strategist at Focused Momentum® and creator of Strategy Class®. Her first book, “Strategic Focus: The Art of Strategic Thinking” a groundbreaking work that demystifies the overwhelming task of beginning strategy development.  READ MORE...

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