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Five Leadership Tweaks to Strengthen Strategic Results

Creating a winning strategic plan is awesome. You feel great, your team is motivated, and you see renewed passion and commitment to shared success.

But, after a few months, the team starts to fall back into old habits. Doubts can set in and you wonder: Is it all falling apart”?

It doesn't matter if you are the CEO, a member of the executive team or a single contributor working hard for the organization’s success, you can have a tremendous influence on your organization’s ability to produce new strategic results.

What can you do to maintain that momentum naturally unleashed during a great strategic planning effort? In this blog series, I will share with you five small but impactful changes you can make as a team member or a group leader to ensure progress on long-term goals and significantly enhance success.

  1. Grab the low hanging fruit. While strategic planning sets out a plan over many years, there are always short-term shifts or changes that can be made immediately.  Identify, act on and institutionalize these “quick wins” early in the implementation phase to begin with the change you want to create.
  2. Provide context, context, context. If you have been part of the strategic planning process, you already have a deep understanding of the thinking behind the strategic goals. However,  implementation teams are often made up of individuals new to this thinking, They need the strategic thinking context to drive aligned execution. Consistently providing this context is key to strategic results.
  3. Connect the dots. During implementation key planning assumptions maybe overlooked or sub-optimized causing progress to stall. Connect all strategic thinking when moving from strategy development into execution.
  4. Build new capacity. If the strategic plan depends on your role evolving, you are going to need to shift your persona from being the “Go-To” person to the person with the great team to manage current commitments and drive new priorities.  Building your personal capacity is key to driving strategic results.
  5. Don't be afraid to make radical changes. Advocate for making needed changes that only a few months earlier would have seemed disruptive.  It might be changes in personnel or organizational structure or maybe exiting a business that is dragging performance down. If you show bravery in the early stages of implementing a strategic plan, you foster a commitment to creating a shared future of success.

Each of these alone can improve your organization’s chances of executing your plan successfully. But, embrace all five and watch your performance accelerate. 

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